CD - "Dedicated to" Xenon Saxophone Quartet  19.99€

Exciting, adventurous and daring, fearless of euphony and complexity, with a strong penchant for the off-kilter: the prizewinning saxophone quartet Xenon displays all these qualities on its début CD, dedicated to, a combination of classical works originally written for strings and new 21st-
century pieces composed for saxophone quartet. Here the premier recording of Viridian Vestiges, specially written for Xenon by the 35-year-old Franco-Columbian composer Daniel Alvarado Bonilla, and the first European recording of Saxophone Quartet by one of today’s leading proponents of Spectralism, Georg Friedrich, stand side by side with Grieg’s Holberg Suite, Mozart’s String Quartet No. 21 in D major and Puccini’s Crisantemi. The selected works all share the idea of dedication,
with each dedication influencing the work concerned. Mozart, for example, made the cello part in his string quartet (taken here by the baritone saxophone) just as prominent as the violin part, for the simple reason that the king of Prussia was an avid cellist and Mozart wanted to gain his patronage. Alvarado Bonilla, in his Viridian Vestiges, transformed Miles Davis’s jazz standard Blue in Green because he was deeply affected by the almost impressionist, subtly floating, melancholy pianism of Bill Evans.

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